TwinEU project made headlines across media

Immediately after its kick-off, the TwinEU project made headlines across the media in multiple regions of Europe, showcasing our journey towards revolutionizing Europe’s energy landscape through digitalization.

This significant coverage highlights the pivotal role of TwinEU in creating a sustainable, efficient, and resilient energy future for Europe and underscores the collaborative effort of our 75 partners across 15 countries.

The gravity of TwinEU was recognized by the various media outlets, emphasizing the pan-European scale of the project’s goal and its vital role in the implementation of the EU Action Plan for Digitalizing the Energy Sector.

Among the press coverage, TwinEU appeared in one of the most extensive international site of the smart energy domain, while the news of the project kick-off resulted in 10+ news pieces across the Hungarian media, which contributes to the local impact of the project.

As we continue to work on developing the concept of a federation of digital twins of the entire European electricity network, we’re thrilled to see such enthusiastic support and recognition from the press.

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One of the largest consortiums to date within the Horizon Europe framework with 75 partners has launch ed: TwinEU project kick ed off on 15-16 January 2024 to create a concept of the Pan EU digital twin of the electricity system


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