TwinEU Newsletter #1

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TwinEU had a very active first 6 months of operation since its start back in January 2024. By this Newsletter, we will try to capture what has already happened in the project and give you a sneak peak about what’s coming. Enjoy reading!

TwinEU General Assembly – A bustling start for the project

It has already been a busy period for one of the largest consortiums in the Horizon Europe framework. This first half a year of the project saw major development in the preparatory work packages: the identification of the use cases within the project is a key component for developing the reference architectures.

At our first General Assembly in Aachen on 26-27 June, we took note of the kick-off of all the 8 demonstrators of the project. Furthermore, the preliminary results of the preparatory work packages were presented, including the identification of the use cases for the project, and the mapping of 32 different digital twins related to the demonstrators.

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Digital Twin survey – share your views!

Do you want to be part of TwinEU? Take part in our questionnaire! This survey is designed to gather insights into the requirements, constraints, gaps, and new technological opportunities for the development of a federated digital twin.

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We had the pleasure of representingto represent TwinEU at the General Assembly (9-10 April, Brussels) of the BRIDGE initiative, a collaborative platform for the Horizon-projects of the smart energy domain. The project is gladly contributing to the work of BRIDGE under the working groups regulation, business models, and data management through its representatives from the consortium.

Watch the event video and find out what TwinEU members appreciate the most in BRIDGE!

Join us at ENLIT in Milan!

TwinEU is coming to ENLIT! The flagship event of the European smart energy sphere will take place in Milan this year 22-24 October. Throughout the 3 days, you will have the chance to meet the project representatives in the EU Project Zone where TwinEU will have its own booth.

Furthermore, during these days in Milan, we are organizing the first edition of the TwInsider Sessions, our interactive workshop to discover the true potential of digital twins in the energy sector from local to pan-EU solutions. Stay tuned – more details to be revealed shortly!

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About TwinEU

TwinEU is creating the concept of the Pan-European digital twin based on the federation of local twins of the electricity system. ​​Being the flagship project of implementing the Digitalizing the Energy System EU Action Plan, the innovative tools and models will enable a reliable, resilient, and safe operation of the infrastructure while facilitating the deployment of renewable energy sources in Europe.

TwinEU in numbers

  • 75 partners
  • 15 countries
  • 20 M € funding
  • 36 months

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The first TwinEU Newsletter is here!


TwinEU project had its first General Assembly on 26-27 June, wrapping up the first 6 months of the project operation.


Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability together!


One of the largest consortiums to date within the Horizon Europe framework with 75 partners has launch ed: TwinEU project kick ed off on 15-16 January 2024 to create a concept of the Pan EU digital twin of the electricity system


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