Crafting a Vision

Creating a concept of Pan-European digital twin of the electricity system based on the federation of local twins – sounds easy?

No, we don’t think so either! The beauty is in the challenge that is to be tackled by 75+2 project partners of TwinEU.

This massive consortium brings together some of the most extraordinary brainpower and state-of-the-art technologies of the European industry, academia and system operation to enable a reliable, resilient, and safe operation of the infrastructure while facilitating new business models that will accelerate the deployment of renewable energy sources in Europe. 

In order to make our vision reality, TwinEU will develop an adaptable federated Digital Twin ecosystem, which spans over three different layers:

Adaptive Twins (AT) federation layer

The first layer includes an extensible number of individual AT

Dataspace-enabled data/models sharing infrastructure

This layer consists of the energy Data Space adaptation to the context of the TwiyAnEU Digital Twin to enable trusted sovereignty-preserving Data/Model sharing layer

TwinEU Service Workbench

This is where DT applications/services (developed and made available for later adaptation and reuse by other application developers and/or third-party developers), data storage resources, real-time computational resources, including IoT/edge/Cloud continuum and High-Performance Computing Service are made available and can be selected based on a Service Orchestrator

TwinEU Structure

The central platforms of TwinEU will be complemented and tested with the local and regional solutions.

The 8 demonstrators of TwinEU will take place across 11 countries, to add 4 dimensions of digital twins to the ecosystem:


Digital twinning for cyber-physical grid resilience


Digital twinning for grid management, operation and monitoring


Digital twinning for forecasting and optimal grid and market


Digital twinning for smart coordinated planning of the grid

Learn more about the TwinEU demonstartors

Your journey into the energy revolution starts here. Learn more about the TwinEU Demonstrators and be part of the transformation!

Explore the possibilities!

TwinEU in numbers:


75 Partners- 2 Associated partners


15 Countries

Estimated project cost:

25 216 061.25 €

EU Contribution:

19 999 999.50 €


Jan 2024


36 months