Developing a concept
of Pan-European
Digital Twin of the electricity system



Powering Energy Revolution

TwinEU is creating the concept of the Pan-European digital twin based on the federation of local twins of the electricity system. ​​

Being the flagship project of implementing the Digitalizing the Energy System EU Action Plan, the innovative tools and models will enable a reliable, resilient, and safe operation of the infrastructure while facilitating the deployment of renewable energy sources in Europe.

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Our vision

Our strategic goal is to create a Pan-European digital twin, uniting competences from grid and market operators, technology providers, and research centers. This collective effort will ensure a resilient, secure, and efficient energy operation across Europe.

Project objectives

The TwinEU project stands as a pioneering initiative within the Horizon Europe framework, aiming to reshape the European energy landscape through the digitalization of the energy system.

8 Demo

A crucial component of the TwinEU project is the implementation of 8 demonstrations across 11 EU countries. These demonstrations are intended to showcase the practical applications and benefits of the project’s innovations.


The TwinEU project boasts a robust consortium, comprising 75 partners from across 15 countries, making it one of the largest and most diverse collaborations within the Horizon Europe framework.

TwinEU will demonstrate

– through 8 pilots – innovative tools and models for:

enhanced observability and controllability

advanced forecasting for optimized market actions

smart coordinated planning

improved physical and cyber grid resilience

TwinEU develops the concept
of the federation of digital twins
of the European Electricity system
Flagship project of the implementation of the Digitalizing the Energy System EU Action Plan
As such, develops digital technologies, that unlocks the full potential of the existing European power system, accelerates electrification and the integration of renewable energy sources, while enables consumers to play a larger role in the energy transition

With this, the project will

accelerate the EU green transition, contributing to achieve the net-zero target of the EU

The local digital twins will also enhance the security of supply, making the power system more resilient and safer to operate

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Our approach


Innovation at the Core

Discover our cutting-edge solutions in digital twinning and smart grid technologies.


Collaborative Efforts

Learn about our wide consortium of European partners and their unique roles.


Achieving Sustainability

Explore how TwinEU contributes to Europe’s decarbonization and energy independence goals.

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